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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

Our new litterplan for Winter 2013 !


We upload the photogalery of Lis and Laska !

our kennel " vom Schloss Perchino " celebrate  10 years !

Dariusz vom Schloss Perchino
( 31.01.07 - 11.10.13)

Volya Vol´naya Osen Ryzhaya " Laska "
Austrian Juniorchampion
Clubjuniorwinner 2013
Bundesjuniorwinner 2013

Bundeswinner Tulln
28. September 2013

Rezviy Veter Zlatoyar " Lis " , middle class very good under judge Ruth Smith
Volya Vol´naya Osen Ryzhaya " Laska " , v1, Juniorwinner in Juniorclass females under same judge !

nice photos from our walking in the Alps " Weinebene "

13.JULI 2013
Judge Erwin Deutscher (A)

Rezviy Veter Zlatoyar " Lis " , v1 Juniorwinner 
Volya Vol´naya Osen Ryzhaya " Laska " , v1,Juniorwinner
Hersillia vom Schloss Perchino, Open Class, v2 res.CAC
Galka-Héléne vom Schloss Perchino, Open Class, V3

Eurosighthound 2013 in Gödöllö  , Hungary
second exhibition and second place for our Rezviy Veter Zlatoyar
out of 10 males in class
  third exibition and excellent for our Volya Vol´naya Osen Ryzhaya
out of 13 females in class

fantastic result also for Galka-Héléne v. Schloss Perchino-
excellent in open class out of 10 females
congratulations to her owner

Rezviy Veter Zlatoyar " Lis " in age of 11 months !

New Photo of Dariusz vom Schloss Perchino in age of 6 years and 4 months !!

At the biggest Austrian Sighthound Exhibition this weekend in Grafenegg
 Volya Vol´naya Osen Ryzhaya " Laska "was very successful and won the title "Best Junior Bitch" and " Best Junior Bitch in the Club"
in a field of six  junior bitches.

Hersillia vom Schloss Perchino won "Open Class " , owner Mrs. Reimann
Judge was Andre van der Broek !


later we had a nice time meeting Hadrianus v. Schloss Perchino at the riverside of the Danube and
Hersillia vom s Perchino and her brother seemed to be very fond of each other.
They were chasing and running all the way long and little Laska could not understand what was going on between them.
We are sure in a little while the little beauty will also be the center of interest for some young dog



New photos of Volya Vol´naya Osen Ryzhaya " Laska " and Rezviy Veter Zlatoyar " Lis " in age of 10 months !


Elessar vom Schloss Perchino 
Grand Ch Belarus, Ch Rus, Ch RKF,CH UA, 3xCACIB, RCACIB, 20xBOB, 10xBIG

DATE OF BIRTH 17. 09.2007
F.Ch Vaskes Victor    M. Cars Ivans Feja

owner: Irina Shpakovskaja , Belarus


Hersillia, Lis and Laska have sucessfully attended their first international exhibition (CACIB) in Graz (Styria)
on the 2nd of March and got the following results:

Hersillia vom Schloss Perchino: V3 (Open Class)
(Owner: Mag. G. Reimann)
Rezviy Veter Zlatoyar ( Lis ): VP and  nominated for BIS (Puppy Class  
Volya Vol´naya Osen Ryzhaya ( Laska)  VP 1 (Puppy Class).
We are proud about these results and our barzois who were exhibited here for the first time and did very well all together!


(25.February 2013)

Finally  Hersillia vom Schloss Perchino has discovered the fascination of hunting the "rabbit" in Untersiebenbrunn.
In December 2012 she sucessfully made her racing and coursing license and plans to attend some tournaments in the upcoming months. 
Good hunting, Hersillia!"


Laska flying ........